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The Mind Food Body PREMIUM Programme

Yvonne McClaren
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Roadmap to the MIND FOOD BODY Programme

Come with me as I walk you through 5 modules & 20 lessons, everything I have learnt and developed as a head & neck patient who had a PEG TUBE for 15 months and ate nothing orally in that time. Join me as I now live my BEST food life.

Learning how to transition back to oral eating (whilst gastrostomy PEG feeding) can be confusing, scary and fraught with stress and anxiety. After head & neck cancer treatment maintaining weight and covering dietitian recommendations is not always straight forward. Transitioning back to oral eating involves your mind, food and body and those elements are the cornerstones (fundamentals)  in getting you back to oral eating.

 Caring for your thoughts, being organised and understanding your options for medical & auxiliary team support. Setting up your kitchen, meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and methodologies for chewing & swallowing real food.

 The key to transitioning using the four S’s stock, sauce, soup & smoothies.

Types of exercise and stretching that aids anatomical processes of swallowing.

Through discussion, an online community, videos and resource library, you can progress your way to tube free living or just live your best food life after head & neck cancer treatment whatever your circumstance.

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By the time you have reached this course you are probably in one of a number of stages of TUBE feeding. Either you are just home from hospital and been supplied a box or two of food. Or you are well on your way down the healing path and wondering how to start transitioning back to oral eating and getting rid of the tube feed. If you have someone caring for you it can be equally as difficult for them. This programme will help them understand some of the issues you are likely going through.

1                     Dysphagia and The Woeful 8

2                     IDDSI Framework

3                     Basic understanding of Nutrition

4                     Transitioning away from boxed food


Care for your thoughts – don’t add unnecessary pressure, be organised. We will cover how I stayed organised and what systems I put in place to track appointments, notes and issues to discuss with medical team. ( mobile phones and images, medications, clear plastic folders for hospital info, filing scripts, understanding medication and when and how to take it.)

1                     Being Mindful

2                     Setting up for success – Planner, journals, folder, treatment bag

3                     Finding a purpose

4                     Auxiliary treatment  – adjuvant help outside your medical team  

MODULE 3                          YOUR FOOD

We will look at getting your kitchen organised for your tube feeding and transitioning. Pantry items, freezer items, shopping lists, meal plans, useful appliances, cooking, recipes (for chewing and swallowing), getting over nausea and getting back in touch with food.

1                     Setting up your kitchen

2                     Setting up your pantry, fridge and freezer

3                     The Four “S’s” to transitioning ( stock, soup, sauce, smoothie)

4                     Meal plans, methodologies & shopping lists

 MODULE 4                         YOUR BODY

(exercise, massage, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and laser therapy)

1                     Trismus – practice and stretch everyday

2                     Mouth Care

3                     Exercise

4                     Self- Massage/ Skin Care / Sleep

The importance of exercise (I commenced again exactly 1 month after all treatment with a PEG tube) and what that might look like for you.

Caring for your mouth and teeth and setting up your bathroom (mouth rinses, peroxide, floss, special toothpaste, dry mouth, special mouth wash)

 MODULE 5                          YOUR FUTURE
 1                     Introduction

2                     Failing is mandatory – try again

3                     Don’t believe everything you are told

4                     Milestones

5                     Reframe your mind  

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In short this guide will provide • Steps to eating socially • Create a personal food eating roadmap • Learn physical & mental food considerations • Peg tube transition back to oral eating • Meal planning skills • Grocery shopping lists • Avoiding food minefields & mind traps • Motivation & support • A pathway to follow when you are bone tired • Preparation for food challenges • Ways to manage eating expectations • Tools to manage eating progress • Confidence to eat socially • A better quality food life • A more varied food life • Learning to deal with failure with food • Learn the 4S food transition process • Learn the 4Ps to food progress • Learn from lived experience • Nutrition & basic cooking techniques & ideas

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The Mind Food Body PREMIUM Programme

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